Teresa Cornelys

Teresa Cornelys was a famous 18th Century Soho courtesan, well bred, good looking and always beautifully dressed according to those who enjoyed her favours. Her room is just as she would have wished, with her portrait gazing down on you, a huge bed decorated with rich fabrics and hand carved gilded cherubs. A dressing table guaranteed to bring joy to any female heart is concealed behind panelling next to the fireplace. The adjoining private sitting room is perfect for a discreet liaison. The bathroom, approached by its own staircase, has an elegant Louis XV vanity unit and a period bathing machine which, as well as a generous bath and shower, incorporates a facility cunningly arranged to squirt water on demand onto unexpected portions of your anatomy. The room is air-conditioned, has complimentary Wi-Fi, flat screen television, Blu-ray player, stereo, mini bar, safe, antique desk and REN toiletries.